Maximize Margins

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, transportation costs can be the difference in winning and losing orders.  Additionally, price can’t be only variable considered as the carriers and methods you use are a representation of doing business with your company.  Poor quality has ramifications.  The market demands both excellent pricing and superior service all while operating lean as indirect costs associated with logistics impact the profitability of your company.

KDL’s freight programs start with engagement between our two companies to understand the unique challenges and requirements your business faces and how that relates to logistics management needs.  Our teams work in partnership to develop strategy and then deliver on that plan while measuring performance.  Programs range from customer driven solutions to full outsource transportation management.

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Carriers & Pricing
  • Leverage KDL national, regional, niche, intermodal & asset light carrier network
  • Special service (accessorial) requirements
  • Product mix and value
  • Packaging & crating
  • Facility specs and shipping hours
  • Align to business strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Planning
  • Inbound freight management
  • Day-to-day logistics support
  • Freight claims support
  • Metrics & missed routing events
  • Freight profit center
  • Cloud Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Multiple seat license; primary user, sub users
  • One roof or location specific functionality
  • Integrations via API, EDI and flat file
  • Dashboard analytics / activity reports
  • Custom built technologies
Back Office
  • Paperless / electronic freight invoicing (EDI)
  • Order match / shipment validation
  • Freight audit
  • Consolidated, itemized freight statement / invoice (weekly)
  • General ledger assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Domestic freight, international or parcel shipping budgets exceeding $200k annually make a company a good candidate for a 3PL offering.  Different types of programs, technology and management exist based on mode, volume and complexities.

We benchmark everything from your freight pricing to your supply chain practices and outline areas our carrier network, technologies or team of professionals can help improve.

Most 3PL’s tout freight savings and custom solutions. Those should be a given in today’s environment. Our focus is to be comprehensive in service offerings and strong in two areas. Proactive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to plan, manage and measure your freight. That starts by building relationships with your team and having a deeper understanding of your business.  Additionally, we’ve developed and will continue to invest in and innovate technologies that keep things simple for shippers yet bring efficiency, solve challenges and save money.

If you are a customer regarding a shipment, please reach out directly to your designated customer service team or call us @ 877-535-7717.  For general inquiries about our transportation programs, please fill out your contact information in one of the many areas on our website and one of our representatives will soon be in touch.  You can also send us an email to or call us @ 877-535-7717.


Our goal is to help lower your total cost of transportation.  After meeting with your team and collecting information, we prepare a comprehensive logistics & freight analysis and share our findings in a formal review and business proposal.  Analytically, we benchmark your pricing programs to identify areas for improvement.  Additional savings are outlined in missed routing opportunities.

Partnering with KDL will infuse your supply chain with efficiencies by incorporating technologies like our proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) and best practices working with our team of logistics professionals.  We streamline back office processes by eliminating paper based carrier freight invoices for your shipments and convert to EDI managed by KDL.  We automate the process of matching invoices to orders, carrier audit and general ledger coding.  Each week we provide a single, itemized freight statement allowing our customers one vendor to quarterback the payable process.


Save money in end-to-end sourcing and distribution of products leveraging our carrier network, proprietary technologies & team of professionals.


Benefit from our capabilities to ensure your freight moves as desired at market rate or less.

24/7 Support

Freight quote, inbound schedule, proper NMFTA freight classification, insurance coverage, alternative shipping options, freight claim resolution,
& emergency shipment support.