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Software that works how you work

Proprietary technologies flexible to fit your business

Always The Best Decision

Empower your team with transportation software that puts you in control while simplifying the process of making the best shipping decisions. Move forward from instincts, routing maps, websites and phone calls, to managed shipping. Our TMS platform can be deployed with no capital investment with capabilities to fit the technology to your specific needs. We have software to support point to point shippers as well as technology to handle more complex multi-facility planning, order consolidation and shipment optimization. KDL offers intelligent software to adapt as your business grows. Everything you need exactly as you need it.

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Lower Your Freight Budgets 5 to 15%

With KDL’s TMS solutions customers can instantly identify the best provider for a shipment based on cost or capabilities. With our technology, you can expect to lower your freight spending 5-15%.

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Neutralize Complexities

KDL’s TMS solutions go well beyond finding the best rates and picking the right carrier. We can address many complexities businesses face by controlling a variety of factors that increase freight costs outside of having good rates.

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Intelligent Software Programs

Our technology continues to refine its understanding of the shipping requirements of each specific customer through assignment rules on locations entered into the software. Learned variables like routing restrictions, accessory charges, contact information and special instructions become part of the system instead of part of one person’s memory or files.

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A talented and nimble IT team that helps clients make better decisions

KDL is powered by technology developed and continuously improved by talented and experienced programmers like Mike Gindlesperger. “We deliver custom solutions to optimize our client’s workflow, prevent shipping issues, or give them visibility to data that they would not have otherwise.  Our group works very well together as a cohesive unit with a level of trust and collaboration that is essential to meeting customer satisfaction.”

KDL Connect TMS

Our proprietary TMS application is designed with the latest technologies combining power with simplicity.

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Business Intelligence

Reporting is not good enough. Our technology and data driven approach challenges clients by modeling real 'what if' scenarios to uncover further areas to save money.

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Optimization Algorithm

Direct, multi-stop, pool distribution and returns can all be managed on a single platform with the most comprehensive planning algorithm in the market.

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Our technology teams worked together and really knocked it out of the park. They have our ERP system working seamlessly. Other 3PLs said they could do that, but KDL is the only one that truly delivered. My team now spends a quarter of the time they used to processing freight.

Mark Frutuoso

Shipping Supervisor – Fletcher Terry

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