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Optimization Algorithm

Harness the power of shipping optimization

If you are looking to effectively plan numerous orders every day our enterprise level TMS manages all modes. Direct, multi-stop, pool distribution with continuous pool optimization as well as returns can all be managed on a single platform with the most comprehensive algorithm in the market. When your orders change the TMS quickly adapts, always providing optimal load planning options and defining how changes will affect your cost. Compare cost differences between direct shipping and an optimized plan to make informed decisions. This software is designed to be pliable to the needs of our customers and can easily be integrated with any ERP or work as a stand alone product. The decision is yours.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Multi-Carrier Rate Shopping
  • API carrier rating
  • Tariff based rate engine
  • Class & density rating
  • Shipper assist alerts
  • Manage shipping documents
  • Online scheduling with instant confirmation
  • Real time shipment tracking
  • Most powerful planning algorithm in the market
  • Over 60 different configurable settings
  • Order Optimization
  • Continuous Pool Optimization
  • Multi-Mode
  • Multi-Leg
  • Multi-Stop


  • API web service connections, EDI or FTP file transfer
  • Order or shipment level input
  • Workflow automation
  • Rating / Carrier selection API
  • BOL retrieval API
  • Shipment scheduling API
  • Shipment tracking API
  • Daily manifest

Analytics & Reporting

  • Live dashboards
  • Expenditure summaries
  • Lost opportunities
  • Density analytics
  • Financial metrics
  • Freight profitability reports
  • Data modeling / what if analysis

Any company with a transportation budget could potentially benefit based on their shipping patterns, but specifically those companies exceeding $2M annually in outbound freight expenditure from a single location should seriously consider an optimization study.

Yes. Clients can benefit by linking systems to eliminate redundancies or to have the ability to do more sophisticated processes such as planning and order optimization leading to shipment consolidation and decreased per order costs. These integrations allow clients to enjoy being able to remain within the familiar confines of current processes while taking advantage our technologies. KDL uses open ended API connections to allow any ERP system to tap in.

Yes. Our cloud based TMS ensures your information is protected.


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