Control Inbound Freight

Supplier best way or paper routing guides have quickly become antiquated.  Companies should generally manage inbound freight to control rates and pricing, and your preferred carriers.  Even when you dictate carriers for your suppliers to use, errors can occur in NMFTA freight class assignment or incorrect mode dependent on order size; like shipping 18,000 lbs. traditional LTL instead of partial or full truckload.  Routing guides have limitations as often times the best carrier for a state is different for 200 lbs. compared to 2,000 lbs.  And how often are routing guides more than a year old?

Let our team standardize the management of your inbound freight.  Have supplier’s contact KDL to ensure you optimally execute on your game plan.

Inbound Freight Management
  • Standardized method and point of contact for purchase orders
  • Proper NMFTA freight classification assignment
  • BOL generation
  • Use of preferred carrier
  • Mode validation
  • Carrier scheduling