Audit Recovery & Management

Whether you ship hundreds of parcels annually — or tens of thousands — chances are you’re not auditing and recapturing the cost of incorrectly billed shipments.  Unfortunately, billing errors can account for 3% of your parcel budget!  Many shippers spend valuable time tracking and managing to find and resolve only a portion of the qualified refunds, while others do not, and leave meaningful dollars on the table.

KDL’s non-invasive auditing service validates over 50+ items and charges including:  duplicate billings, late, damaged or lost shipments, manifest errors, rate and fuel variances, dimensional weight verifications and inactive accounts.  Parcel carrier relationships are vital to your success.  Carriers recognize and respect the accuracy of our inquiries and they work with KDL to correct mistaken invoices.

More robustly, with the complexities of parcel pricing, changing density requirements and yearly increases, companies are left mismatched negotiating with carriers.  Shippers often lack the tools to see their unique shipping patterns in granular detail, how that relates to pricing in your agreement and how that measures in the marketplace.  KDL can help simply this process to most effectively collaborate with carriers.

Audit & Recovery
  • Over 50+ audit items & charges
  • Retrieve, import your weekly carrier invoice file for audit & tracking
  • Analyze reports, calculate refunds owed
  • Weekly submissions to carriers for credit refunds & overcharges
  • No fees unless we save you money
  • Invoice only after credits / refunds are received
Pricing Strategy Consulting
  • Expertise in carrier evaluation and contracting process
  • Comprehensive outline of your shipping characteristics
  • Clear and manageable shipping profile for carriers in negotiations
  • Identification of provider exhibiting greatest abilities
  • No fees unless we save you money
  • Expenditure summaries
  • Lost opportunities
  • Carrier metrics & service reports
  • Service type utilization
  • Corrective alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Required is your user name and password credentials from your parcel carriers.  Also required is online billing.  If not currently set up with online billing, KDL will assist.  First credits will be visible 2-4 weeks from start date and re-occur weekly thereafter.

Our engagement can be discontinued at any time with 30 day notice.  Refund credits will still continue for 2-4 weeks thereafter discontinuation.

No!  The refunds are associated with operating accurately to the terms and conditions of your parcel carrier agreements.  It also benefits both parties by having a clear view of your parcel shipping patterns and needs.

Then no fees would be due to KDL as there were no successful recoveries.  The worst case scenario is KDL finds your packages arrive on time and you are billed correctly.  You still have access to our analytics to assist you in carrier management.

Carriers have different recovery statutes for past shipments.  Not all recovery services apply for past shipments.

Pure Savings

Billing errors can account for 3% of your parcel shipping budget. KDL does not bill any fees unless we successfully recover refunds for parcel shipping failures.

Zero Risk

As a cost free extension of your logistics team, we look at every single tracking number to validate on time delivery and overlay your pricing to ensure you are billed accurately.


KDL provides analytics of your parcel shipping patterns and consulting as a basis for collaboration with parcel carriers.