Empower your team with transportation software that puts you in control and simplify the process of making the best shipping decisions.  Move away from paper routing guides, three quote policies, websites and phone calls to manage transportation.  With KDL’s TMS, our customers are able to instantly rate shop their entire freight program from one source to select the best carrier and schedule the shipment. By utilizing our tools, most companies can expect to lower freight budgets 5-15%.

KDL’s TMS neutralizes complexities businesses face by controlling factors that increase freight costs outside of having good rates and picking the right carrier.  Our technology ensures your team correctly identifies NMFTA freight classifications including the increasing number of products classifying as contingent on density or density based.  Other protective features include cubic capacity and linear foot alerts which typically leads to unexpected increase in freight charges.  These features prevent quoting your customer $900 in freight and being billed for $1,600.

Our TMS can be deployed with minimal or no capital investment with versions for companies desiring basic packages to those aspiring for more complex multi-facility planning, order consolidation and shipment optimization.

Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Shop carrier rates
  • Manage shipping documents
  • Shipper assist alerts
  • Rate engine
  • Class & density rating
  • Optimization algorithm
  • Online scheduling & instant pick-up confirmation
  • Shipment tracking
  • API web service connections, EDI or simple FTP file transfer
  • Shipment level input or order level input
  • Rating / Carrier selection
  • BOL creation
  • Shipment scheduling
  • Shipment tracking
  • Daily manifest
Analytics & Reporting
  • Live dashboards
  • Expenditure summaries
  • Lost opportunities
  • Density analytics
  • Financial metrics
  • Data modeling / what if analysis

Innovation Combining New Technologies with Traditional

Our proprietary cloud-based TMS layers the latest web services (API) technologies with traditional EDI connectivity to create the industry’s most powerful yet simple transportation solution.  API technology affords live connectivity with carriers overcoming inefficiencies associated with traditional technologies such as EDI.  Incorporating longstanding technology alongside these new offerings allows for both a dynamic and comprehensive solution capable of heavy lifting for algorithms, planning and optimization via our rate engine.  Simplify and streamline your logistics processes, increase profitability, and build strength, agility and visibility into your supply chain.

Want to take advantage of our technologies without leaving the comfort and familiarity of your own software?

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Businesses can reduce transportation expenditure by 5-15% using a TMS. This varies based on freight volumes, shipping points, number of carriers utilized, the TMS capabilities and adherence to best practices.

A TMS saves money for shippers in both hard dollar and soft through visibility and process improvements.  Shippers using static routing guides either in paper form or programmed into a system are at a disadvantage.  Often times the best cost carrier for a state is different for 200 lbs. shipments compared to 2,000 lbs.  This can also be the case for a product at NMFTA freight class 50 compared to freight class 150.  Other areas impacting the least cost carrier are their prices for special service accessorial charges.  When you add general rate increases annually and incorporation of new carriers, missed opportunities exist.  Alternatively, companies can call carriers or log into their websites for quoting and scheduling, but that can take a considerable amount of time if you have many shipments and use many providers.  Even then the process of accessing your information for metrics to negotiate with carriers can be limited.  More advanced TMS systems can integrate into a company’s ERP system to receive orders and use algorithms to consolidate and optimize.

Any company with a transportation budget could benefit, but those exceeding $200k annually in freight spend should seriously consider utilizing a TMS.

Yes.  Our team of professionals who are charged with building and maintaining our software have been involved with transportation technology for decades.  By building the software in house, we are also able to affordably offer our solutions as a SAAS product to clients as well.

Yes. Clients can benefit by linking systems to eliminate redundancies or to have the ability to do more sophisticated processes such as planning and order optimization leading to shipment consolidation and decreased per order costs.  Clients also enjoy being able to remain within the familiar confines of current process while taking advantage of KDL technologies

Did you know that scheduling a shipment via the phone takes an average of 5-7 minutes, doing so on a carrier site can still take 2 to 3 minutes.  That is after you’ve already made the carrier selection.  Many companies have a three quote policy for freight, but what if you use more than three carriers?  Gathering these quotes takes valuable time as does scanning orders to see if they can be married together.   A complete technology solution allows to save those valuable minutes and ensure consolidations are captured every time.

Our cloud based TMS ensures you’re information is protected.


Intuitive yet powerful. We strive to make the user experience as effective as the tools being used.


A rolling stone gathers no moss. Our technology is constantly evolving through client and carrier interactions and requests, market research and application of the next big thing.

Reliability & Security

Uptime, backup, disaster and recovery plans and locked down data are vital to users and KDL. It is our job to ensure that you can do your job.